Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pictures from Paint Your Heart Out 2010

We moved Paint Your Heart Out in 2010 a little bit to the south, well technically I admit it wasn't in the Joaquin Neighborhood. We worked down in Maeser at 4 different beautiful historic homes that each needed the love and expertise we've gained. Turnout was excellent, and we were helped by Zions Bank, whose employees painted one of the homes for us. This tradition has truly changed perceptions of our neighborhood, and it can do the same for Maeser. Last Friday, I drove around the area with a friend from the City Council, and an acquaintance, who happens to be a developer. He's a great man, someone who lives up in Sandy, and most of his work is done in Salt Lake City. He knows Provo, and lived here while he was going to college in the mid 90's. He said as we drove around--wow, this looks a lot better. He really liked the "paint jobs" we have given to homes, and inspired folks to do. Sometimes, the most fascinating pictures we get are from those whose memory is from another time. In this case, it gave me a lot of hope.