Sunday, August 26, 2007

Joaquin's new park

(Picture of land that will be our park)
In 2005, when Joaquin elementary was closed, our neighborhood lost a significant resource. Our greenspace became a demolition zone, and since then has been sold and rezoned for a large new apartment complex. With a population of nearly 15,000 residents, we were very underserved by our city in terms of park space. After the 2005 City elections, George Stewart and Cindy Richards led a push to provide funds for the creation of a new park. By this point, the city already owned the 2 homes on the SE corner of 400 East and 400 North. This land became designated as that spot. The city has since purchased another home on 400 East, and is working to buy a 4th.
This spring, part of that land was cleared, with 2 large Sycamore trees being preserved. The Parks and Rec department started putting in sprinkler system, replaced sidewalks, and we hope to see this land covered in sod this fall. Further development will wait until the last home is bought. Negotiations are currently under way.
We hope to see a wonderful neighborhood resource in the future. A playground, and hopefully, a small ball field will be available, along with a pavillion.

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