Friday, October 5, 2007

Voting Record as it pertains to our neighborhood

During election seasons, I get asked quite a few questions by various people. One of the recent questions was regarding Steve Turley's voting record on the City Council as it pertains to our neighborhood, specifically. I did some research, and here are the results.

Purchase Rehabilitation projects turn eyesore & problem properties, and drug houses into comfortable homes that families can live in. Steve has voted against the following projects in our neighborhood:
· July 18th, 2006: 631, 637 & 659 East 350 North.
· March 1st, 2005: 746 East 200 North.
· Dec 20th, 2005: 541 East 300 North.
· May 4th, 2004: 386 North 400 East
· Nov 23rd, 2004: 258 East 300 North

Other issues:

July 2004: Voted against strengthening minimum parking requirements for rental dwellings.

October 2004: Abstained from voting on the update of Provo City School Board Districts to reapportion school district boundaries. (This change gave the downtown neighborhoods their own representative on the Provo School Board)

April 20th, 2004: Voted against purchasing 368 North 400 East, and 444 East 400 North for the purchase rehabilitation program or a future park for the Joaquin neighborhood.

April 5th, 2005: Voted against approving the Home Program, the American Dream Down-Payment Initiative, and the Community Development Block Grant Program for the 2005-2006 Fiscal Year. (Funds were included in this for improvements at Memorial Park and Sidewalk repair)

2005: Voted against changing the General Plan Designation on 200 North from Collector road to a neighborhood street.

April 18th, 2006: Voted against enacting temporary zoning regulations to limit lot coverage in one-family residential, and residential conservation zones. (Preventing more people from paving entire back yards for parking)

March 21st, 2006: Voted against a resolution approving the HOME program, the American Dream Down-payment Initiative, and the Community Development Block Grant Program for the 2006-2007 Fiscal Year. (Funds were included in this for purchasing land and developing our new park at 400 East and 400 North and for Sidewalk repair)

March 20, 2007: Abstained from voting on HOME program and American Dream Down-Payment initiative.

March 20, 2007: Voted for using money that had been previously allocated for Joaquin's new park to buy property located at 362-365 N 400 East, despite having voted against the initial allocation in 2006 which provided the park funds.

April 17, 2007: Voted against modifications to the HOME purchase plus, Home Improvement Loans, and down payment assistance programs to modify their terms. (Allowing the available funds to last longer)

*Information provided by Provo City Council Minutes/Records

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