Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Results are in: Paint Your Heart Out 2008

Lets just say it was an incredible success. 3 great Victorian homes in our neighborhood given a wonderful bath of new paint and new colors. They are great places, and I hope the efforts will inspire others. We were rained out on our first try, and had to do it 2 weeks later. Not quite as many volunteers as I would have liked, but we did have some great advantages. 1st, all the scaffolding we had was donated (temporarily) for our use. We received an incredible grant from Northwestern Mutual Life to pay for all our expenses. So, no one had to spring for the paint. 3 homes in Joaquin, 1 in Maeser, and 3 in Franklin were painted. I'd like to express my thanks to Jamie Peterson & Sharlene Wilde at NHS for all their help. Also--thanks to our brave homeowners who were willing to hang in there through the process. Enjoy the before and after pictures of the Joaquin Neighborhood project homes.

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