Monday, September 20, 2010

Arbor Day Project improves our Neighborhood

Saturday morning at 9 am, we had nearly 100 people gather together at the new Joaquin Park to volunteer their time to improve our neighborhood. Thanks to Luke Kennard's Eagle Project, we had 28 trees available from Provo City to plant in our park strips. The Mayor joined us for an Arbor Day ceremony to mark the value that trees have in our lives.

He pointed out that according to our City Forester, we have planted over 400 trees in our neighborhood since 2003 thanks to this type of service project. To me that is amazing. Yes, we have a large neighborhood, but that's quite a number. I want to personally thank Luke and his family for their lead in this effort, as well as the City Staff that helped our event.

The best time to plant a tree will always be 40 years ago--but last Saturday sure wasn't a bad 2nd.

Kurt Peterson

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Bonnie said...

Thanks to Luke and the entire Kennard family for tremendously impacting the quality of our neighborhood for years to come. The Kennard family has worked harder than than Johnny Appleseed when it comes to making Joaquin green. As the Kennard's bumper sticker reads, "Trees are the Answer!".